Welcome to the Pilates Fitness Video Centre!

In these uncertain times, I thought it would be beneficial to start making some Pilates videos. If your usual fitness regimes have to change, you will still have the structured routine and format that you’re used to with me. It also keeps us in touch with each other and gives you the chance to practice your Pilates at a time that suits you.

You, my fitness family, are important and I don’t want you to get out of the habit of keeping fit, however you do that. So I hope you will support this and enjoy the videos that I post.


You have the option to contribute a payment if you wish via PayPal paypal.me/homefitnesswithvicky – pay what you can afford, and what you think the session is worth. I leave that entirely up to you.

Let’s keep working out, let’s keep in touch with each other! Stay safe lovely people, Vicky x

Pilates 50 Minute Video